The Greater Haywards Heath Bike Ride 2018
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15 Apr 2018
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Net Pos
Race No
Chip Time
Gen Pos
11473Paul TOMLINSON03:42:04All AgesMale1Crawley Wheelers7319.7 m/hr
22189Steve GROOMBRIDGE03:58:50All AgesMale2 7318.3 m/hr
33528Adam WRIGHT03:59:00All AgesMale3Mid-Sussex Triathlon Club7318.3 m/hr
44284Rachael LLOYD-SMITH04:02:12All AgesFemale1No Club7318.1 m/hr
55440Sigve SOLHEIM04:02:50All AgesMale4 7318.0 m/hr
66314Andy MCGREGOR04:09:17All AgesMale5Mid-Sussex Triathlon Club7317.6 m/hr
77562katie mcgreggor04:09:18All AgesFemale2 7317.6 m/hr
88256Hanif JETHA04:11:16All AgesMale6Bournemouth Arrow7317.4 m/hr
99438Ian SMITH 04:17:01All AgesMale7 7317.0 m/hr
1010229Steve HOLBROOK04:25:42All AgesMale8 7316.5 m/hr
1111453Andy STOTT04:25:43All AgesMale9 7316.5 m/hr
1212576Adrian Bennett04:25:54All AgesMale10Sussex Nomads Cc7316.5 m/hr
1313311John MCDONALD04:34:15All AgesMale11 7316.0 m/hr
1414187Hannah GRIFFITH04:35:58All AgesFemale3No Club7315.9 m/hr
1515343Andrew PAGE04:35:59All AgesMale12 7315.9 m/hr
1616252Lewis JAMES04:36:28All AgesMale13 7315.8 m/hr
171799Dan CORRICK04:41:09All AgesMale14 7315.6 m/hr
1818414Jim SCOTT04:43:05All AgesMale15 7315.5 m/hr
1919404Jonathan ROWLAND04:46:13All AgesMale16Team Angus7315.3 m/hr
2020175Malcolm GLENNY04:47:18All AgesMale17Counties-Manukau7315.2 m/hr
212180Magnus COHEN04:50:58All AgesMale18 7315.1 m/hr
222279Tina COHEN04:51:28All AgesFemale4N/A7315.0 m/hr
2323580Peter Hastings04:52:55All AgesMale19Chain Strainers7315.0 m/hr
242426Paul BARNES 04:54:58All AgesMale20 7314.8 m/hr
2525510Angus WELLS04:59:51All AgesMale21Royal Air Force Cycling7314.6 m/hr
262649Paul BRUNT04:59:53All AgesMale22 7314.6 m/hr
2727494David WATERHOUSE04:59:54All AgesMale23 7314.6 m/hr
2828275Ian LAMBIE05:00:00All AgesMale24 7314.6 m/hr
292910Tim ASPELING05:01:42All AgesMale25 7314.5 m/hr
3030331Gareth NEWTON05:06:08All AgesMale26Sussex Nomads Cc7314.3 m/hr
3131258Peter JOHNSON05:07:41All AgesMale27 7314.2 m/hr
3232298David MARSHALL05:08:11All AgesMale28Sussex Nomads Cc7314.2 m/hr
333369Radek CIPIOR05:15:32All AgesMale29 7313.9 m/hr
3434701adam grayson05:20:17All AgesMale30 7313.7 m/hr
3535338O'hara O'HARA05:20:17All AgesMale31Cyclosport7313.7 m/hr
3636540Sam Goldsmith05:20:17All AgesMale32 7313.7 m/hr
3737291Mr LUCKETT05:20:17All AgesMale33 7313.7 m/hr
3838423Eddy SHORT 05:23:43All AgesMale34 7313.5 m/hr
3939462Luke TAYLOR05:27:29All AgesMale35 7313.4 m/hr
4040250Andy JAMES05:27:57All AgesMale361st Central Insurance Management7313.4 m/hr
4141374Thomas RECORD05:28:22All AgesMale37 7313.3 m/hr
4242318John MCSORLEY05:30:44All AgesMale38Sussex Nomads Cc7313.2 m/hr
43436Anthony ANTUNES05:46:56All AgesMale39 7312.6 m/hr
4444485Ian VOLLRATH05:47:00All AgesMale40 7312.6 m/hr
4545373Bernard RECORD05:47:31All AgesMale41 7312.6 m/hr
4646122Thomas DOVE05:49:11All AgesMale42 7312.5 m/hr
47477Helder ANTUNES05:49:28All AgesMale43 7312.5 m/hr
4848171Colin GERRARD05:50:21All AgesMale44 7312.5 m/hr
4949310Keith MCCOURT05:50:21All AgesMale45 7312.5 m/hr
5050369Simon QUELCH05:51:38All AgesMale46 7312.5 m/hr
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